2018 Agenda

Wednesday 17th October

17:00 Pickup from SaaStock18
19:00 Traditional Irish Evening at Local Pub

Thursday 18th October

07:00 DraperEsprit Breakfast
09:00 Morning Activities - Choice of 4 Options:
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Archery
  • Golf
  • Fishing
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Afternoon Activities - Choice of 4 Options:
  • Whiskey Tasting
  • Irish Coffee Tasting
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Golf with a Pro
14:30 Afternoon Coffee Break

Content Agenda

15.15 Chairperson's Welcome
  • Michelle Conaghan, Head of Emerging Technologies/High Growth Companies UK, IDA Ireland
15:20 Founding, Scaling & Exiting Your Company: Highs & Lows
Fireside Chat
Exit is the dream on the horizon for every founder: but first you have to scale the business and grow ARR. Learn from a CEO who’s been on the journey to a multi-million exit. This fireside chat will cover the journey to acquisition and the trials and tribulations along the way. From accessing working capital and securing debt finance, to managing the negotiating to transitioning your staff, you’ll uncover lessons learned and mistakes made along the way to an ultimately successful exit – and what to do next.

  • Clive Lennox, Ireland Business Development, Silicon Valley Bank
  • Garry Moroney, CEO, Clavis
15:40 The Rule of 40 in a SaaS Business & Maximizing Value Creation
Keynote Presentation
You’ve finally found product market fit. You’ve built a brand, a customer acquisition engine, customer success and you have a finance group that’s watching the money. You’re coming to the end of 2018 and need to build a plan for 2019. How do you build that plan? What do you optimize for?
How do you balance investment with profitability. Can the Rule of 40 help you build a plan that will maximize value creation? In this session we’ll talk about what the rule is, how and where to apply it as well as pointing out some of the potential pitfalls.

  • Jonathan Klahr, Managing Director, Susquehanna Growth Equity
16:00 Listing 101
Keynote Presentation
You’re a SaaS founder and you’re ready to take your company public. It’s a brave new world and you’re not sure of the next steps. This session will equip you with practical tips and tricks and the pitfalls to avoid. With lessons learned from years of managing public listings Adam Kostyál and the experiences of Andy Leaver who has experienced the IPO journey with companies such as SuccessFactors and Hortonworks, they will jointly explore some of the most common mistakes, the differences between markets and the steps successful founders take to ensure their public offering survives and thrives.

  • Adam Kostyál, Senior Vice President, NASDAQ
  • Andy Leaver, Partner, Crane Venture Partners
16:20 Sales is a Team Sport
Working Group
Selling is no longer an individual sport, it's a team sport. As SaaS business is immune to Sales Superstars you now are depending on young, B-performers who need to outperform their predecessors. Stop micromanaging your customers, instead let your team - from marketing, sales all the way through to customer success - focus on 7 Key Moments and make them count. If your team successfully implements 10% improvement in each of these steps it results in improving your sales by 2x.

  • Roelof Hengst, Director, Europe, Winning By Design
16:40 Building a Team that Fits: From the Trenches Insights
Interactive Q&A
We’ve all been there: employee friction, imposter syndrome, under-developed talent, squabbles amongst executives; the role of the start-up CEO can sometimes feel like a HR function. Ensuring communication, trust and transparency is imperative when creating strong teams - but so is knowing when to make the tough decisions. We’ll dig into spotting the early signs of dysfunctional teams, employees and environments, and hear from founders who have been through the fray and come out stronger. Share your stories in an open forum Q&A and leave empowered with the ability to grow strong teams with care and passion and make clear and informed decisions to benefit your business’ bottom line.

  • Vivek Sharma, Founder & CEO, Movable Ink
  • Dan Martell, CEO & Founder, SaaS Academy
  • Mark Organ, CEO & Founder, Influitive
17:10 Chairperson's Final Thoughts
  • Michelle Conaghan, Head of Emerging Technologies/High Growth Companies UK, IDA Ireland
17:15 Pre Dinner Drinks
18:30 Gala Dinner

SaaSociety - Where


Escape the manic office environment for a few days and invest in building future partnerships as you enjoy the finer life at the K-Club, Ireland’s First AA 5 Red Star Hotel.

SaaSociety - What


Exchanging success stories and lessons learnt on the journey as you are tasting Ireland’s finest whiskeys and enjoying activities such as golf lessons, clay pigeon shooting, fishing, and others.

SaaSociety - Who


An invite-only curated audience of entrepreneurs who have achieved annual recurring revenue exceeding $3M and select technology investors; an even more extraordinary and opulent setting to connect.

SaaSociety - Gallery
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2018 Attendees


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